Swarovski crystals. The more the better!

Ever since I was introduced to Swarovski crystals I was “hooked”. The variety of amazingly rich colors and shapes seems endless. They have this magical, deep shine that makes them seem like they're alive!

While working on the design of the Swarovski Crystal Dress I spent many hours creating the perfect combination of colors. My main inspirations were yellow topaz, peridot, and black pearls. Over 50 different shades of green, yellow, brown and grey crystals, pearls and beads were hand sewn on the corset before it was completed. Thousands of Swarovski crystals and pearls were used to make this dress incredible. The top is pretty heavy when you hold it, but you don’t feel it while wearing it.

I almost named the dress "Swarovski Madness" because the dress is crazy shiny. It's gorgeous and definitely a show stopper!