April 07, 2021

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW September 2021.

Our beautiful models for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection during NYFW in September 2021.  

Kismet is 11 years old and resides in Texas. Kismet has been a competitive cheerleader and dancer since she was 4 years old. She also loves makeup and fashion. Kismet is passionate about several causes including youth and adolescent mental health awareness, bullying, feeding the hungry, and abused and neglected children. When she grows up she wants to be a heart surgeon. This is Kismet’s 2nd time at NYFW!



Bianca Salina is from Mission, Texas is 15 years old and she has been modeling for 8 years under Debi Lou Modeling Agency. Her favorite thing about modeling is assisting designers in putting their final creations on display. She also enjoy exploring various styles of fashion through modeling. Participating in New York Fashion Week will create a world of possibilities plus it is a lot of fun! 


Alissa Moudy is 16 years old. She has been modeling for 4 years now. Alissa is the CEO of Rizing Wolf Fashion. She attends Lindsay High school in Lindsay, OK. She is a member of the high school marching band. Alissa loves designing, art, writing books, reading and hiking. She will be graduating this year with a 4.0 GPA, also two years early. 


Marissa is 16 and is currently in her sophomore year of high school. She is driven, passionate, and extremely strong willed. She loves to dance and has been a competitive dancer for 10 years. She enjoys modeling, fashion, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and all things out doors. Marissa has modeled and been a brand ambassador for several dance wear companies. She is currently an ambassador for Dancers Against Cancer.  Marissa looks forward to traveling and wants to one day own her own dance studio so she can teach and inspire other young kids who have a passion for dance. This is Marissa's second time walking for Mila in NYFW and she can't wait to rock the runway!


Mary Micheli is excited to be going back to NYC to be a part of Fashion Week in September! She absolutely loves the runway! She is 17 years old and a senior at Wheatland Chili High School. Go wildcats! Class of 2022. When she graduated she plans on going to college and majoring in criminal justice with the hopes of becoming a detective. 


Abygail Ayala is a 11 year old Mexican American freelance model. She has been published in multiple social media magazines and platforms around the world.  Magazines such as Dixie Magazine,  Wildchild Magazines, CanKids Magazines, Kidfashmagazine. Abygail was casted amongst some very talented models and actress to walk her first New York Fashion Week last February. This opportunity was one that opened a few doors for her and got her casted by many designers. She was also casted to be apart of a reality show based in LA Fashion Week, but due to the Pandemic is was postponed. 
Fast forward today,  Abygail is adapted to distancing learning and misses being around her school friends and modeling sisters. Abygail has a passion for literature and art. She enjoys history and loves biology. She often talks about becoming a writer. Her creativity of journaling daily has helped inspire some short stories and poems. 
Abygail has come a long way to help other aspiring models who are introverts or reserved find their footing in the runway. We hope to bring awareness of inclusion for all model types. 


Leah Guerra is a 10 year old from a small town in South Texas.  She is an all "A" honor roll student, who loves modeling , dancing, and ballet. She models for Debi Lou Modeling Academy and is a conservatory student at Dance Centre of Edinburg where she participates in multiple competition dance teams as well as the studio's yearly production of The Nutcracker. Last June, she was selected to be one of the first ambassadors for the Future Redhead Ballerina Program with Kimberly Thompson from Maryland.  Recently, she auditioned for the American Ballet Theatre summer program and is honored to say she was accepted to participate in their 2021 Young Dancer Summer Workshop this August.  Aside from dance and ballet, her modeling career has also taken by storm. Within one year of modeling, she made the magazine cover for IT Girl magazine and has been published in multiple others. She won the title of Pre-Teen Top Model in a November 2020 contest for Vanessa Sarabia Photography and gets to have fun photoshoots of upcoming promotions and advertising. She aspires to be a famous dancer, to perform on Broadway, and to have her very own dance studio one day. Leah looks forward to her first NYFW and is excited to represent Mila Hoffman Couture!


Leia Rios is 11 years old and she holds the titles of USA National Miss Wisconsin PreTeen and Miss Wisconsin USA Ambassador Preteen.
Leía has also held the title of Miss Chiquita Latina and Miss Wisconsin Countess
Leia’s platform is Anti- Bullying. She is an ambassador for Generations Against Bullying. The severity of in person bullying as well as cyber-bullying has become pandemic throughout the nation. “We are all unique and She wants to be sure everyone feels loved and accepted for who they are.”
Pharris Sutton, 9 years old from Western North Carolina. She has competed on the national pageant stage for the last three years and recently began runway modeling. In her spare time she enjoys gem mining, crafting, and dancing on her league, The Majors.



Alli Eskioglu worked as a photo and runway model for the last 3 years. She has a huge passion for acting and she loves being in front of the camera. She has done fashion shows and editorial photoshoots all over the United States and London. She brings her energy and passion for modeling to every project she works on!



Morgan being only 10 years old has not held her back from reaching big goals.  She has been enjoying modeling since she was only 6.  Morgan has walked the runway for a variety of different designers in New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week, along with various other fashion shows.  She has also been in multiple magazines and has done print modeling.  Morgan is looking forward to continuing her accomplishments at New York Fashion Week 2021.


Vivienne is a vivacious 8-year-old who has worked as a runway and photo model for the past 3 years.  She has a huge passion for singing, swimming, skiing, fashion, and she loves being in front of the camera. She mainly models couture children’s wear, but also enjoys streetwear and boutique fashions. She is currently represented by MMG out of NYC and is a Brand Ambassador for several couture designers and photographers.  Her photos have been published Iconic Child Magazine, Child Model Magazine, KidFash Magazine amongst others and she has walked the runway during New York Fashion Week for the past 3 years, as well as the debut runway show of Nashville’s most up and coming children’s fashion designer.  She enjoys working with designers, photographers and agencies that have a creative approach.  She brings energy and her passion for modeling to every project she works on.   


Piper is an 8 year old who loves dancing and practices weekly at a nearby studio. She also enjoys plays outdoor soccer. In her free time, she is a talent artist and enjoys drawing and using her creativity to create new ways to challenge her artwork. Piper lives in Southern Ohio on a small farm, and enjoys playing with all the animals, gathering eggs and playing with her pet dog, Bane. NYFW is the one thing she waits for every year. It’s her choice to continue, mostly because of all the girls she meets! She loves making friends and wants to be able to model more.


Autumn Peacock is a 12 year old model/actress from South Texas.  She enjoys modeling at Debi Lou’s Modeling Academy where she has learned etiquette, runway walk, photo posing, and skills that have helped her in her everyday life. Autumn holds the title of Miss South Texas Preteen 2020 for Debi Lou Productions which has given her the opportunity to volunteer throughout her community. Some of the events she has been involved in include a Christmas Toy Drive, 1K runs for Disabled Children, and various events that benefit Child Cancer patients. Not only does she dedicate time to assist her community, but she has also taken on the role as an actress for Rodeo Dental. Autumn is not only making commercial appearances for the company but also does commercial voice overs that air on cable television in the South Texas and Central Texas regions. Autumn also has a YouTube channel that focuses on pre-teen fashion and clothing stores as well as life experiences with the overall goal to have kids feel confident in who they are no matter what. Despite her many activities and involvements outside of school, she has always maintained her “A Honor Roll” status as a student. Autumn hopes to one day become an OBGYN and deliver babies and provide comfort to their mothers as they go through the birthing process. She also enjoys spending any time she can with her family.  She is the eldest member on both her parents’ side with a total of 4 little brothers and 1 little sister. She sets a very good example to her younger siblings.


Giulietta Pontoriero is 6 years old and lives in Toms River, NJ.  Giulietta is in Kindergarten and loves to sing, dance and play soccer. Giulietta enjoys modeling and wearing beautiful dresses. Her favorite Princesses are Snow White and Ariel and she wants to be a Mermaid when she grows up.   


Cambrie Fayne Culver, age 7, Arlington, TN (Memphis area). Cambrie is an amazing big sister. In a nutshell, she is a miniature version of her momma, they even share a middle name. She is an old soul who is charismatic and carefree. Cambrie has been on stage since the very early age of two, dancing and performing for Beth Cross Babb and walking her first NYFW runway at age 5. Her favorite pastimes are fishing and playing with her puppy "Winnie Cooper" and anything to do with the farm. When she grows up, Cambrie would like to be a police officer and a professional dancer. She has a huge passion for helping others and is going to do great things. 


McKayla is 16 years old and is from California. She loves fashion, photography, cooking, dancing and modeling. McKayla is a fashion influencer and experienced NYFW runway model.   



Alex is an 11 year old who lives in Southern Ohio on a small farm. She is homeschooled and her favorite subject is Latin. She loves Harry Potter, playing outside and spending time with her friends. She enjoys playing indoor and outdoor soccer throughout the year. Alex is an animal lover, but her favorite pet is her cat, Whiskers. She enjoys living on a farm and getting to raise all kinds of animals. She loves New York, so chooses to continue to walk the stage in New York for Fashion Week.


Abigail is an outgoing, fun loving 8-year-old from Westchester, New York. She began print modeling at Age 3 and eventually moved into runway. Abigail is currently signed with one of NYC’s top agents for commercial and print. This will be Abigail’s second year walking in NYFW. In addition to modeling, Abigail spends a lot of her time dancing. She takes all styles of dance, including jazz, tap and ballet. Starting at age 5, she began completive dance and has won several awards competing at competitions. Abigail enjoys playing with friend, art & crafts and playing on her tire swing. Her favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. She has a genuinely kind personality and loves to help others.



Hollyn Lorraine Buzbee is an 13 year old from Houston, Texas. She has always loved animals and devotes her time and energy to helping homeless dogs. She has raised funds and donated to help with the adopting of them as well. Hollyn spends her free time with her horses, Prince, Dixie Spirit, and Jim; her dog, Maggie; and her goat, Oreo. Hollyn is passionate about playing the piano, singing, creating pastel art pieces, playing competitive volleyball, and hanging out with her “girlfriends”. Hollyn has enjoyed doing print modeling for several children’s boutiques, but she is most interested in runway modeling. Over the past seven years, she has participated in Fashion week for Austin, Houston, Dallas, and New York. Hollyn is currently planning to  pursue a career in marine biology.


Noelle is a 13-year-old 7th grader from Northern Minnesota. She is very active in figure skating, downhill skiing, and longboarding. Noelle loves spending time with her family, her animals, and her friends. Noelle currently holds the title of Miss National Extraordinary Preteen 20-22. Noelle's platform is K.I.N.D
K- kindhearted
I-  inspiring 
N- nice
D- determined 
Noelle's platform is about random acts of kinds. She loves to make everyone smile, and feel good about themselves.
Noelle started modeling and pageants 1 1/2 ago and has walked NYFW and is super excited to walk again in September 2021.



Emilia Blahun is11 years old and lives in New Milford, NJ. She is an energetic, creative, and outgoing girl. Right now she is trying to find herself, find her way to be happy and do what she loves to do. Over the past few years, she has gained incredible experience and made new friends. Fashion shows, Commercials, TV show, photo shoots, dance shows and competitions. She really likes what she is doing now. She is sure that interesting discoveries and interesting experiences await her ahead.Emilia is ready and open to everything new. She says: "Let’s see what waiting me in the future, but I am sure it is gonna be Fabulous!! Always remember, we all have big potential. Never give up, always  follow your heart  and be yourself!"



Portia Johnson is a 16 year old sophomore at Sharyland Pioneer High School. She is on the Varsity Cross Country and Track Team. Her career ambition is to be an orthodontist, and Portia loves to bake, dance, golf, and ride her bike.


Stephanie Meza is 15 year old freshman at Robert Vela High School. She has been modeling for for over 8 years with Debi Lou Modeling Academy. She has held many pageant titles and is very active in her community. She loves fashion and when she grows up she wants to become a lawyer.


Rachael is a teenage girl living in the midwest. She has been modeling for about 5 years now. She has had the privilege of walking the runway in New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Detroit and has been pictured in several fashion magazines. Additionally she was featured on a billboard in Times Square this past February for Supermodels Unlimited. Rachael started participating in pageants at the age of 9. That is where she obtained her love of runway. She has won several awards over the years with several different pageants including, Miss Hospitality, Supermodel, Spirit of Pageantry, Talent, and Best Smile. She takes voice, ukulele, gymnastics, and German Wheel lessons. Rachael is also part of the Juno award winning Pow-R Girls Pop Star Training Program. She has a passion for aerial arts and can perform on the silks, sling, trapeze, and lyra. Her dream is to attend the Philadelphia School of Circus’s college program Circadium and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Circus and then perform with Cirque du Soleil. What makes Rachael even more amazing is she has accomplished all of this and she is on the autism spectrum scale.


Lexi Harper is a 9 year old third grader from upstate New York. She has walked NYFW for the last 6 seasons. She is active in pageantry, currently holding the title of Mini Miss Spirit of the Atlantic Coast. She is a 4-time recipient of the Senator Kevin Cahill Reading Challenge. She has won many community service awards and is an active volunteer in her community. Lexi is bright and bubbly, loves fashion and unicorns, the color pink and glitter! 


March 24, 2021

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW September 2021.

Our beautiful models for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection during NYFW in September, 2021.


Meeka Wojo is a ten year old from NY. One of the world’s most renowned tween supermodels, Meeka (aka Queen Meeka Wojo), is thrilled to bring her Mila Hoffman design to life this September.  Meeka, an unique fashion model, began her career as a print model then quickly encompassed the catwalk, representing high-profile couture designers. Meeka’s prestigious career includes runway, print modeling, pageantry, performing, and writing anti-bullying books.



Marigold is 11 years old and lives in Canada. She is the Miss Junior Regal World 2020-21. She has walked in the Milan, Toronto, New York, Paris, and Vancouver Fashion Weeks. She is a 2019 Diana Award recipient and 2021 Alberta Council for Global Cooperation Top 30 under 30 award winner. Marigold is a Youth Ambassador for 1Girl and Apar Initiative. She is currently working with organizations to advocate for a Federal Commissioner for children and youth in Canada. 


Ellie Anna Cromwell’s hobbies include: competition cheerleading, tumbling, acting, and modeling. She also loves promoting her own platform, Beauty Queen Granting Wishes, which helps provide children with critical illnesses dream vacations. 


Damiana Dalleo is a creative and compassionate ten year old from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. She has the heart to serve her community, and has been presented with multiple Gold President's Volunteer Service Awards. Damiana is happiest when she is on set. To date, she has worked on various television shows, most notably Good Morning America. She is a competitive dancer studying the following: ballet, jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre. She is a member of the Point Pleasant Softball Association and Shore STX Field Hockey Club. Damiana first walked in New York Fashion Week for Season Six Project Runway Winner, Irina Shabayeva.


Skylar Marguerite is a fun-loving, eleven year old from the Philadelphia area. She has been featured in fashion magazines, booked in national media campaigns, and has walked the runway in NYFW.  When Skylar isn't modeling, she can most likely be found out on the tennis court, deep sea marlin fishing with her Dad, or riding dirt bikes with her three older brothers.


Aubry Jones is a thirteen year old sixth grader from Missouri that loves animals and making the environment a better place. You can often find Aubry out walking around the neighborhood picking up trash. When she grows up she wants to own her own business. Her favorite subject in school is art, she also enjoys being in the library. She loves spending most of her time outside, going on walks, or playing catch. She can’t wait to walk in NYFW for a second time with Mila Hoffman.


London Williams is an eleven year old aspiring model from Texas.   She has been modeling for about a year and a half. She enjoys being in front of the camera.  London loves high fashion and hopes someday to be able to model for high fashion brands.  When London grows up she is interested in a career in politics. 


Katalina's smile can certainly light up a room. She is a truly happy nine year old girl. Despite all of her struggles, Katalina is filled with joy and definitely shares it with everyone that meets her. She amazes people by her by strength, courage, and tolerance. Katalina has been diagnosed with a rare incurable primary immune deficiency. Even though Katalina is often sick and hospitalized, she continues to follow her dreams of modeling, runway, and competing in pageants! Katalina is a Make a Wish ambassador and wants to help raise money to grant more wishes for other sick children. Katalina’s wish was granted in 2017 to go to Disney World.  Katalina loves giving back to her community by volunteering at the following: Ronald McDonald house, at the American Red Cross blood drives, and doing all sorts of fundraisers for the Children’s hospital to make the children smile. Katalina is competing at International United Miss Nationals in July 2021 as New England Junior Preteen. She wants to let every kid know: it’s okay to be sick and follow your dreams because look at me - “ I’m following my dreams!”  Katalina lights up on the runway and loves making new friends!


Anna Girtakovska is an almost nine year old super energetic, happy, and smiley girl. She has an amazing, strong, and fun personality. Anna is intelligent, creative, very friendly, and fast learner. She loves to dance, sing, and pose for pictures. Anna loves to use her imagination in everything she does. In her free time Anna enjoys riding her bike, scooter, and roller skates. She loves spending time with her friends and family, and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves reading, drawing, and playing the piano. Anna is also fluent in English and Russian languages and wants to learn Spanish in near future.


Avery Byrnes is a 7 year old, 1st grader from Pennington, New Jersey. She spends her time practicing her tap, jazz, and ballet skills. Avery also keeps busy with gymnastics. She loves spending time with her little brother, and helps take care of the family dogs. She hopes to continue modeling, and become a veterinarian when she grows up. Avery has been a part of Model Me Photography since July 2019, shooting with many talented photographers and has been published in several magazines. She is currently represented by Click Models Philly. This will be Avery‘s first time walking at NYFW. She is so excited to walk for Mila Hoffman!


Isabell is an eleven year old from Kent, England. She has modeled several times at London Fashion week, and is thrilled to be modeling for her first time in New York with Mila Hoffman! Isabell’s passion is acting, and attending her performing arts class is the highlight of her week. She also enjoys cheerleading, swimming, girl guides, camping, and spending time with her friends. Isabell is half Australian and loves traveling there often so she can see her family. Isabell has two cats and two dogs, and hopes to become a vet when she is older. 


Yuliana López is a twelve year old model, raised in South Texas. She is in the seventh grade. Her hobbies include: modeling, playing sports with her brothers, horse back riding, and -most importantly- fashion. One of her biggest accomplishments was becoming Miss Rio Grande Valley Pre-teen 2020. Her future ambition is to become a professional model and Miss USA. Yuliana’s career path is to become a Social Counselor and to help her community.


Mylah Skye (born 2008) is an American actress and model born in Maryland.  At thirteen years old, Mylah has taken on diverse roles from Zombie, to teenage lead, and a co-lead in a feature film. She has been featured as a cover model for LV magazine, and has modeled for Kids Fashion Magazine, ALM Boutique and Magazine, Fox Simpsons 4d, an Amazon book series, and commercial advertisements such as real estate and pet adoption.  In 2020, Mylah started working with Bodyguards Against Bullying to help bring awareness to bullying and cancer. Mylah is so very excited to attend NYFW, and walk the runway for Mila Hoffman Couture. Mylah strives to have the opportunity to work with The Walt Disney Company, CBS The Bold and the Beautiful, and become a published model. 


Carlyn Hugh Culver is from Arlington, TN (Memphis area). Carlyn is my little spitfire; -named after my grandpa (Hugh)- she's my test-you, no-limits, go big or go home, girl. Carlyn made her presence known the moment she was born, and she hasn't held back since. She started dance at the age of 18 months with her big sister with the fabulous Beth Cross Babb; and, performed her first stage performance at age 2. She walked her first runway with NYFW at age 3. Since, she hasn't looked back. She has big goals and dreams. She will tell you that when she grows up she WILL be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and a doctor, although she's not quite sure what her specialty will be. She loves dressing up and being a girly girl but make no mistake, she is the first one to roll around in the mud or jump in the seat of her daddy's tractor. This little girl is going to go far and do big things and she will make her name known.


Sophie is an eight year old with a big personality. She signed with an agency in New York at the age of 4. She has appeared in editorials for different fashion magazines. She has walked the runway in several fashion shows. She looks forward to traveling to New York every year for the fashion week. She enjoys meeting new people everywhere she goes. Aside from modeling, Sophie loves swimming, Irish danceing, four-wheeling, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends. Photo Credit: The Butterfly Photography


Faith is a sixteen year old living in the Memphis, TN area. She loves walking in New York Fashion Week with Mila! She feels like a Queen in her dresses! Faith enjoys modeling with friends and new people! Just as she enjoys modeling with new people, Faith loves meeting new people, though you might have to help her come out of her shell a little. Faith will be featured on the Supermodels Unlimited Billboards during New York Fashion Week in September. Faith is in a culinary class in school learning to cook all types of meals. She loves to reading, drawing, listening to music, taking pictures, being with friends and family, and spending time with her dogs Khloe, Nugget, and Coco.


Ashley Zarate is an eighteen year old who has always loved being in front of the camera. She has danced since she was two and has enjoyed her time with Midland Festival Ballet for different productions including the Nutcracker in Midland, Tx from the age of seven. She decided to hang up her pointe shoes at fifteen to join her high school varsity dance team. Ashley is currently part of the class of 2021 MOD Squad with Kiki’s Photography where she was published in The Best of 2020 Icon Edition Senior Muse Magazine. She has always dreamed of modeling in New York, and is ecstatic to walk at New York Fashion Week for the first time in September.  Ashley’s favorite things to do are photoshoots, makeup, and shopping. She hopes to one day become a famous model.



Madeleine is a seventeen year old from Portsmouth, England.  Madeleine has modeled in many fashion shows; starting from the 2017 Walk the Walk in Portsmouth, the two trips to London for the Cancel Cancer Africa, and then doing London Fashion Week and the House of Ikons twice.  She is very excited for her first trip to New York to walk for Mila Hoffman in the New York Fashion Week. Madeleine is a performer and has taken part in local pantomimes and plays. She studies acting for TV stage and screen at South Downs College. Madeleine’s hobby is fashion designing and spends a lot of her spare time drawing designs and making outfits. 


Olivia Wise is a fifteen-year-old freshman from Springfield Missouri. She enjoys competing on a six worlds competitive cheer team and doing pageants. Olivia is an active member in her community, where she was nominated for the youth leadership award for her countless hours of volunteer work with her platform LIV - Local Impact Volunteering. Olivia hopes to pursue cheer and fashion design in college. 


Isabella Madison Stroman is thirteen years old. She also goes by Bella. She always has had an interest in fashion and modeling.  Due to the recent pandemic, she has been able to follow her dreams in front of the camera. She brings her energy and passion to every project. Bella aspires to become a world-wide known model. She has been working with Debi Lou Modeling Agency and several photographers. She has been published in the IT Model Magazine Top 50 for January 2021. The photographer of the photo was Roland Sanchez. Her other interests include volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and hanging out with family and friends.

February 02, 2020


FEBRUARY 1, 2020

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Launching her new collection “Birds are Flowers” at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in February, Mila Hoffman has designed over 30 exclusive gowns, each hand made with premium quality materials and cruelty-free products.

From the elegant shaping of the bodice to the bird-inspired color palette, this new collection is original and absolutely astonishing. Each gown is given the attention it deserves with hand-sewn details and Swarovski crystals. These gowns are the must have in apparel for all of your events this year. 

I am very excited about my new collection,” said Hoffman. “The audience is in for a real treat this year. When people see the designs they’ll understand why I made each gown as a unique piece of art. I put my heart into creating products that inspire and delight the wearer. This collection reflects that philosophy.”

Mila Hoffman Couture is proud to announce that they have joined forces with Society Fashion Week and hiTechMODA to show Mila’s creative presence in the fashion industry. You are invited to the high energy showing of her designs at the following shows during NYFW:

February 8, 2020 at 1:30 PM - Society Fashion Week

Broad Street Ballroom

41 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004

February 8, 2020 at 8:00 PM - hiTechMODA Fashion Event

National Geographic Encounter

226 W 44th St., New York, NY 10036

Mila Hoffman Couture is a fashion design studio that specializes in unique, vibrant and eye catching gowns. Mila’s numerous couture gowns have been used in settings from weddings and proms to date night, halloween and everything in between.

For more information about Mila Hoffman Couture and Mila Hoffman please visit our website at:, or find us on Facebook at @milahoffmancouture or Instagram at @milahoffmancouture.

Photographer: Warren Anderson
Models: Shelby Roberts and McKayla

December 16, 2019

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW February 2020.

Our beautiful models for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection during NYFW in February, 2020.

Lyda Chhun is an energetic, hard-working 13 year old from Boston, Massachusetts who has a passion for photography and modeling. She’s was crowned Little Miss Beauty at her very first pageant show at three years old and has loved the lime light ever since – modeling for major brands such as Converse, and L.L Bean. She’s also appeared in shows such as Castle Rock and commercials for Wave Catcher Scooters.

When she isn’t shining in front of a camera, she is refining her gymnastic skills, cheerleading for her middle school team or skateboarding around the neighborhood.

She also enjoys art, spending time with her two dogs, and is an all things horror enthusiast.

She is excited for her first NYFW and walking the run way in Mila’s beautiful dresses. 

Photo by - Josh Voto


Brianna Grisales is a 11 years old who loves cheerleading, photography and science.

Brianna had modeled for MHC last year during NYFW and she can't wait to do it again! She met so many people from all over the world who share her passion for fashion. 

Brianna has two sisters who she loves couching on how to pose the best in front of the camera. 

She is also a brand representative for a cheerleading clothing company.

The next year is going to be full of fun and exciting adventures!


Photo by - Society Fashion Week


Izabela aka "Iza" is Polish-American 13 year old. She lives in Atlanta GA. She has been modeling since she was 4 years old. Her first fashion show was for TV celebrity Cynthia Bailey and her TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Izabela has been published in many promo materials for companies like Graco, Wonder Bread, Boxercraft, and UPS. She loves fashion and runways. 

She speaks Polish, plays piano and clarinet, loves animals, especially horses. She is happiest when with her family and friends. She loves to travel, especially to warm places, but vacations in Poland and lately in New York are her favorite as well.

She truly values independence, individual responsibility and helping those who need help the most.

Izabela has a little sister Ella, who in opposite has no interest in fashion or modeling. Izabela's motto is "It's never too late for chocolate ice cream".

Photo credit - Saraj

November 30, 2019

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW February 2020.

Our beautiful models for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection during NYFW in February, 2020.

Amaree is a junior in High school. She lives in Wichita, Kansas where she will graduate in 2021  from East High school. 

She has been in pageants since she was 3 and began modeling at 16. She has since walked for multiple designers in LAFW,  NYFW, Atlanta fashion week, as well as Dallas, and hopes to make it big one day doing print! 

Her passion in life is animals. She plans to join the military when she graduates and go into the nursing field. When she gets out she wants to finish her schooling and become a veterinarian.

Our pictures are our footprints, it’s the best way to tell people we were here!” by Joe McNally is her favorite quot. 

Photo by - Warren Anderson


From pageants to fashion runways, Lucia Marie Ruiz has a passion for modeling. Hailing from a small town on the Texas-Mexico border, Palmhurst, Texas, 5 year old Lucia loves dressing up in the latest kids fashion.

She has modeled for both print and runway, but this is the first year that she will be modeling at New York Fashion Week.

She is the current South Texas Princess Hostess and has won numerous awards for Most Photogenic. Lucia has modeled for and was selected as the face of Bebe Bou, a local children’s boutique in McAllen, Texas. Lucia enjoys working with photographers and agencies that have a creative approach. She brings lots of energy and passion for modeling to every project that she works on.

Lucia also enjoys performing and competing in ballet, soccer, and swimming. She has been performing in a local production of the Nutcracker since the age of 3 and looks forward to reprising her roles this year.

Photo by - Roland Sanchez Photography


Addie is a spunky, fun loving 10 year old. She’s into cheerleading and tumbling, she is currently on a junior level 6 team. Addie models for Rebel Athletic which is a cheer brand clothing line. In her free time she enjoys going outside to play and going to Disney World.

Addison is a huge animal lover. She can’t wait to travel and hopes to visit Paris. Addie has ambitions to be a veterinarian. She’s so excited for her first NYFW experience! 

Photo by - Brittany Brownlow 


Jaedyn Dhaenens, a 14 year old experienced model, singer, and actress. She has walked in New York Fashion Week 4 times and LAFW 3 times. She lives in Washington State and loves to travel.

She is the youngest of 4 siblings, and the only girl. She is an Aunt to two little girls and a little boy.

She loves the outdoors and summer. She also competed for the title of Miss Washington Teen and made it to the Semi- Finalists ( top 15), Along that journey she was interviewed on the news about the pageant and what it’s like being involved in that.


Photo by - Aaron HX


Hawley Herbert is 10 years old. She enjoys photography, painting, drawing and sewing.

She lives at home with her two sisters, brother and mom and dad. 

Hawley likes riding her bike with friends and spending time with her family. One day she hopes to be a fashion designer. 

Photo by -  Kristina


Maddie is a 15 year old from Centerville, Iowa. She started dancing at the age of 3 and competitive dance at the age of 6. She takes all styles of dance including lyrical, jazz, contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Throughout the years she has won numerous awards and scholarships while attending competitions and conventions. She has been a National Champion as a soloist and with her duet and group dances.

She has always loved modeling for the camera since a young age but did her first NYFW in February of 2017. Since then she has walked for numerous designers at NYFW in September and February the past few years. She was chosen to close the show for a brand at LAFW in March of 2018 and had the honor of wearing a custom made wedding gown.  At September NYFW 2019 she walked for numerous designers and closed the show for one of the brands.

Maddie has been featured in numerous magazines and has been on the cover of one. She is a featured model for swimwear and athletic wear brand and loves walking the runway with Maxine. 

Maddie loves steak, fountain Pepsi, dessert (it is the first thing she looks at on the menu when we go out to eat), McDonalds french fries, and corn on the cob.

She enjoys drawing and painting, fashion (especially the shopping part), spending time with friends and family, and playing with her dogs. She loves inspiring others and being a great role model to younger dancers and models and is very thankful for all of the opportunities she has been given.  One of the things she loves most about modeling and dance is all of the traveling she has gotten to do while doing what she loves and cannot wait to see where this journey she is on takes her.

Photo by - Warren Anderson


Elyse M is a spunky, kind hearted 5 year old who takes her work very seriously. During the holiday season, her pageant duties keep her incredibly busy with appearances and volunteering, but you can also find her in front of the camera working as a feature model for several local designers. When she's not working, you can look for Elyse at the softball diamond with her team, practicing for The Nutcracker performance at the dance studio, or reading books with her school's Spanish Immersion class.

2019 blessed Elyse with incredible opportunities, including several state pageant titles, having a dress named after her, and being able to walk in her first New York Fashion Week! She is incredibly excited for the chance to walk for Mila Hoffman again, this time kicking off what is sure to be an even better 2020.

Photo by - Warren Anderson

November 06, 2019

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW February 2020.

More beautiful models were cast for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection during NYFW in February, 2020.


Lexi is a 7 year old, 2nd grader hailing from Ulster County, New York.  She has previously competed around the North East in both Competitive Cheer and Dance. This year Lexi has turned her attention to Acro Dance and Ballet.

Lexi competes in pageants and recently won the State Title of Mini Miss Spirit of The Empire State. 

Lexi promotes a platform of Be Kind built on the idea of supporting goodness with a focus on healing the environment, being a good friend, and thanking law enforcement and first responders. 

Lexi enjoys playing with her American Girl Dolls, bike riding, and occasionally playing with her younger brother.

Lexi is looking to make the move into the modeling world and is working to build up her portfolio. Lexi is very excited to walk for Mila Hoffman, this will be her fourth season walking in New York Fashion Week and also marks her fifth designer she is walking for. 

Photo by - Nadiya Copeland Photography

Rachel is a 7th grader who's been dancing since age 3 and modeled in NYFW for Mila Hoffman Designs this past September.  

She also enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music and keeping up with the latest trends on   YouTube and spending time with her rescue dog Marcy.

Photo by - Jared Siskin


Katalina is 7 year old and she is diagnosed with a rare incurable primary immune deficiency. Her immune system isn’t able to kill invaders that enter her immune system and puts her at higher risk for infections. Even though Katalina is sick often and hospitalized, she continues to follow her dream of modeling, runway modeling, competing in pageants and writing her first book. 

Katalina is a Make a wish ambassador and wants to help raise money to grant more wishes for other sick children. Katalina’s wish was granted on 2017 to Disney World.   

Katalina is very into community service by volunteering at Ronald McDonald house or at the American Red Cross blood drives and doing all sorts of Funraiser’s for her hospital to make the children smile. 

Katalina's smile can light up a room and truly no one has seen a happier 7 year old. Despites all of her struggles, she is filled with joy and certainly shares it with everyone that meets her.  She amazes people around her by her strength, courage and tolerance. She is stronger than her struggles, she can live a happy and fulfilling life despite the bumps in the road. 

Katalina is competing at international United Miss nationals in July 2020 as Miss Connecticut junior preteen and she wants to let every kid know it’s okay to be sick and follow your dreams Because look at me “ I’m falling my dreams “.  Katalina lights up on the runway and loves making new friends!


Photo by Catherine Fiehn Photography


Aiyana is an 11 year old from Las Vegas, NV. She is a straight A student and apart of the Elementary Honor Society. She is currently a All-Star Cheerleader who also enjoys Modeling and hanging out with her friends. She is very active in the community and truly enjoys giving back. She is determined to make a difference, be it big or small. 

This will be her 2nd time modeling for Mila Hoffman during NYFW and she is over the moon Excited! She had a blast in September and this has become her new hobby and she is constantly working on perfecting her walk. 

Her Dream is to be the First Female President! Her Motto is Dream Big or Go Home. She is super excited to see what the future has in store for her, and excited and honored for all the opportunities.

Photo by - Jared Siskin

Piper is 6 years old and from Georgetown, Ohio. She loves singing, dancing, cheering, gymnastics and using her creative skills to create art. Piper also enjoys helping with all the animals on the small farm they live on and getting new foster pets and caring for them while they find new homes. Her favorite color is pink, she loves JoJo Siwa and creating her own YouTube videos with her sister. She enjoys spending time with her sisters and homeschooling together with them. Piper is sweet and is caring and wants to make sure everyone is happy.

Photo by - Hailee Smith Photography


Alexandra is 10 years old and from Georgetown, Ohio. She enjoys helping out on the farm, and doing chores around the home to help out everyone. She loves gymnastics, singing, dancing and exercising. Alex loves to read, loves the color green and enjoys anything Harry Potter. Alex wants to please others around her and has a great bubbly personality everyone loves. She loves her cat and baby sister and enjoys field trips with all her homeschooled friends and watching YouTube.

Photo by - Hailee Smith Photography


October 23, 2019

Mila Hoffman Couture Brand Representatives for NYFW February 2020.

Here are more beautiful models who will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new collection "Birds are Flowers" during NYFW in February, 2020.


Emma is 10 years old and lives on a farm in rural Augusta, WV. She attends public school and maintains a 3.8 GPA. Her favorite subject is science.

She enjoys modeling and acting. Her most recent commercial was for Shadows in the Forest by ThinkFun Games. She also appeared as an extra in the Tim Janis Production of Buttons: The Movie.

Emma is very athletic and has been a competitive cheerleader since age 6. Some of her favorite activities include traveling to new places, spending time with family, and amusement parks (especially roller coasters).

Photo by - Estate Serenity Imagery

Genevieve is a 12-year-old from Northern VA. She is a straight A student who loves reading, board games and anything that has to do with fashion. She started dancing at  the age of 6 and competitively at the age of 8. She practices all styles of dance, including Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet and loves each of them.

Throughout the years, she has won numerous awards and scholarships while attending competitions and conventions. She has always loved the camera since a young age, but started her first modeling job this year modeling for an Australian dance-wear company.

She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is a very hardworking and dedicated person.

She loves inspiring others and being a great role model for younger dancers.

Photo by - Hardlight Photography Group

Kismet Ilise is 10 years old and lives in Midland, Texas. She has been an Allstar cheerleader and competitive hip hop dancer since she was 4 years old. Kismet truly enjoys all forms of dance and is taking a season off from cheer to have more time to immerse herself in other forms of dance as well as to devote more time to her new-found love of modeling. Kismet Ilise’s first experience as a model was in August where she modeled at the UMC Magic trade show.

Kismet Ilise is beyond excited and feels so blessed to have the opportunity to walk the runway at NYFW. It is a dream come true and one she hopes to repeat many times.

In addition to her love of dance, cheer, and modeling, Kismet Ilise adores fashion, makeup, photoshoots, and she is excited to finally have the time to take some theatre classes.

Her favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney World. Kismet Ilise’s favorite school subject is science and her dream is to be a heart surgeon when she grows up.

Photo by - Moondance Photography

Jessica Zemanek, a 15 yr old who has a extraordinary opera voice. She has been singing since the age of 9 years old with professional training. She has competed and won numerous competitions and events.

Jessica got into modeling 6 months ago and she absolutely loves it! She is a local model in Seattle and is currently signed with Colleen Bell Agency. This will be Jessica’s first time walking in NYFW and she is beyond thrilled for this new and exciting experience! 

Some of her other favorite hobbies  include artwork, reading and swimming.

Photo by - Brandi Jones

Alessandra is a quietly confident 10 year old with a magnetic personality, a big heart and makes friends wherever she goes. She has modeled in many runway shows and loves fashion. She attends fashion school where she learns to sew. 

Alessandra is a competitive dancer. She has competed in the nationally televised World of Dance competition.

Alessandra is an animal lover. She is the owner of a Pomsky dog. 

Her future ambitions include becoming a famous model and a lawyer.

Photo by - Phil Roc Photography

Trinity Sargent is a 12 year old from Valley Mills, Texas. Trinity has been captain of her select Volleyball team with Texas Legends for the past three years. She loves to travel for Volleyball all over the state of Texas. She is currently the co-captain of the Valley Mills Junior high cheerleaders. She is also involved in Jr high cross country, basketball, track, softball and theatre. Trinity got into modeling three years ago and fell in love with it.

She has been in several fashion shows to raise money for different charities across Texas. Trinity is currently signed with Modelemi modeling agency and My Jane Girl photography. Trinity has been featured in many magazines and websites such as Amazon, Zulily, Red Apple kids, Etsy, AnnLoren, La Mode Child-Teen Magazine and many more.

She is very excited to walk in New York and looking forward to meeting new friends.

Photo by - Tim Bear

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