Golden roses from King Midas

We all know the story of the king named Midas. He had a lot of gold and the more he had the more he wanted.

One day while he was counting his gold a stranger came from nowhere and said he would grant him a wish. The king was delighted and said, "I would like everything I touch to turn to gold. So the stranger said, "Starting tomorrow morning with the sunrise you will get the golden touch." The king thought he must be dreaming, this couldn't be true.

The next day when he woke up, he touched the bed and it turned to gold. He looked out the window and saw his daughter singing in the garden. He decided to give her a surprise and... and turn her entire wardrobe in to gold. Dresses, skirts, shoes, everything!

No, actually the story didn't mention that... that was totally my idea. :) King Midas turned his daughter in to a golden statue, which is very sad. At the end a wizard turned the girl back and gave king Midas a good lesson not to be greedy.

I love the idea turning things to gold! And I did it! :)

I give you the Golden Rose dress! This gorgeous dress has lots of roses made of golden satin fabric.

I love this dress! This is one of my favorites!