August 25, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

Here are two more beautiful models who will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019.


Morgan Ellyse is a passionate and loving teenager, currently crowned with the Miss America organization. She is the reigning Miss Gilbert's Teen and recently competed at Miss Arizona. Her platform is Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful: Body Positivity. In addition to this, Morgan currently models, print and runway, for brands she believes in and that make a positive social statement. She hopes to expand her opportunities with runway fashion. She excels in school, carrying a 4.0 and is currently a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Morgan's biggest passion is being an All-Star cheerleader. She is currently cheering in her 10th season! In her spare time, Morgan loves riding her bike, spending time with friends, and starring on her social media channels. Lastly, she hopes everyone remembers that they can do anything they set their mind to being confident with themselves regardless of gender, age, shape or size!
Photo credit -  Jonathan Williams    

Maddie is a 15 year old from Centerville, Iowa. She started dancing at the age of 3 and competitive dance at the age of 6. She takes all styles of dance including lyrical, jazz, contemporary, ballet, and hip hop. Throughout the years she has won numerous awards and scholarships while attending competitions and conventions. She has been a National Champion as a soloist and with her duet and group dances. She has always loved modeling for the camera since a young age but did her first NYFW in February of 2017. Since then she has walked for numerous designers at NYFW in September and February the past few years. This NYFW she will be walking for 3 designers and has been chosen to close one of the shows. She is a featured model for a swimwear and athletic wear and loves walking the runway. Maddie loves steak, fountain pepsi, dessert (it is the first thing she looks at on the menu when we go out to eat), McDonalds french fries, and corn on the cob. She enjoys drawing and painting, fashion (especially the shopping part), spending time with friends and family, and playing with her dogs. She loves inspiring others and being a great role model to younger dancers and models and is very thankful for all of the opportunities she has been given. One of the things she loves most about modeling and dance is all of the traveling she has gotten to do while doing what she loves and cannot wait to see where this journey she is on takes her.  

Photo credit - Fashion Passport

June 13, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

More beautiful models who will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019.


This is Aiyana and she is 10 years old. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. She is an Allstar Cheerleader & Model. She is a straight A student and a member of the Elementary National Honor Society. In her free time she volunteers and does a lot of community service. She is a Nevada State Princess. She loves giving back to the community and feels its so important that her generation gets involved and active. At the end of the day she is just a girl who loves to shop, hang out with her friends and be goofy and silly. Last she wants everyone to know they are beautiful and to keep shining bright!

Photo credit - Amber Patterson


Wrayne is 11 years old, from Port Orchard, Washington. She started out in pageants in California and Washington, culminating in winning the title of Little Miss Washington United States when she was 8. Wrayne has been involved in modeling for 3 years, published in several magazines, and has walked for several designers for NYFW in both February and September over the past 3 years. She currently holds the title of overall photogenic with Cosmopolitan Top Model and was the division winner for Top Model the prior year. Wrayne loves modeling, fashion, makeup, art, and music. Her ultimate goal is to be a model when she grows up.


Photo credit - Brett Martelli

Jaedyn Dhaenens, from Spokane Washington is 13 yrs old. She started in the modeling industry when she was 11. The first time she ever walked in New York Fashion Week was September, 2018. Since then Jaedyn walked in Cosmopolitan Top Model in December 2018, New York Fashion Week in February of 2019 for 5 designers, then LAFW in March of 2019 for 2 designers. She has been on the cover of 2 magazines and featured in 5 others. Along with modeling she tried her hand in acting and singing. She has been in a local commercial and in a pilot for a sitcom series, she is very excited to see what the future holds for her.


Photo credit - Brett Martelli

March 23, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

These beautiful models will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019. 

Brooke is 10 years old and lives in New York. She loves to sing, dance, cheer, model, act, and design. Brooke is also passionate about helping others. Her favorite color is emerald green and she loves her gluten-free pepperoni pizzas. Brooke enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and adores her best friend, Baylee Rae - Miss Golden Doodle!

Photo credit - Elizabeth Santiago LeRed Photography 


Izabela aka "Iza" is Polish-American 12 year old. She lives in Atlanta GA. She has been modeling since she was 4 years old. Her first fashion show was for TV celebrity Cynthia Bailey and her TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Izabela has been published in many promo materials for companies like Graco, Wonder Bread, Boxercraft, and UPS. She loves fashion and runways. She speaks Polish, plays piano and clarinet, loves animals, especially horses. She is happiest when with her family and friends. She loves to travel, especially to warm places, but vacations in Poland and lately in New York are her favorite as well. She truly values independence, individual responsibility and helping those who need help the most. Izabela has a little sister Ella, who in opposite has no interest in fashion or modeling. Izabela's motto is "It's never too late for chocolate ice cream".

Photo credit - The Butterfly Photography Kids


Michaela is a sweet, kind-hearted 5 year old. She loves reading and board games, and she adores anything that has to do with fashion! Her favorite hobby is competing in pageants. Michaela holds several titles including National Elite Tiny Miss North Texas.  

Photo credit - Karl Duncan from Crazy Socks Photography


Zoe is a model and singer.  She enjoys hanging out with family, friends and helping others.  She also enjoys traveling.  One day, she hopes to be a fashion designer.

Photo credit - Leona Boyd Photography


Nya was born in Vista, California and is currently living in Atlanta. She’s a senior in high school with aspirations of being a neonatal nurse practitioner. Nya has fashion modeling experience with various designers in San Antonio, TX and was represented and completed modeling and audition trading with Avant Agency. 
Nya is an honors student, attended a magnet program where she became a Thespian and Mensa member. She has also played Volleyball and Flag Football in high school, enjoys skiing, and loves the beach. 

Photo credit - Tony K. McCoy - Flash Life Studios


Sofia Lammers is a fifteen year-old girl who attends American Heritage as a straight A student. She enjoys spending time with friends at school, writing poetry and letting her creativity flow through art. She plays the violin, is a South Florida Girl Scout, and a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  

Photo credit - Blanca Davila 


Kuznetsova Sonya, 7 years old from Russia, Novorossiysk. Sonya is a first grade student. Since 3 years old Sonia has been published in fashion magazines and walked in fashion shows. Sonya is increasingly being invited to shoot in China and Taiwan to represent different brands. She does dancing and gymnastics. Sonya loves being photographed and dreams of becoming a supermodel.

Photo credit - Kindermania Magazine


Kayleigh Grace Clark is 13 years old and lives in Sumrall, MS. She has one brother, Tyler, who currently serves in the United States Air Force. Kayleigh loves modeling, singing and spending time with her friends and family. She has always dreamed of pursing a career as a model and singer. Kayleigh recently walked for several designers in NYFW 2019 and absolutely loved it!  

 Photo credit - Josh Stringer


Lexie Martin is 13 years old and has grown up in Las Vegas, NV. She really started to get into modeling when she was 11 years old. She started small modeling for some little boutiques and shops and then her love for being behind the camera has just grown. In the beginning of 2018 Lexie decided to give it a go at runway where she walked for a big brand in Las Vegas, NV for their big fashion and convention show. She absolutely loved it so she decided to also walk the runway later that year for Magazine's Fashion Parade and then finished off the year walking New York Fashion week in September last year. She has an official IMDB and has been in 2 short films and hopes to do more!

Photo credit - Gianna Nicole Media


Valerie Lammers is a 16 year old student at American Heritage School in Florida. There, she is taking a Pre-Engineering Track as that is one of her passions. She plays softball at her school and she also plays the viola. On top of everything she does, she also strives to positively impact her community as a Girl Scout.  She is a member of the National Honor Society.

Photo credit - Blanca Davila 


Marina was born in Laredo TX, she studied up to high school in Nuevo Laredo Mexico. She speaks Spanish, English and French. Marina is signed with M.C. Art Modeling in Laredo and New Icon Models in Monterrey, Mexico. She has a Bachelor's degree of Art and has two Associate's degree in Art and Dance. Marina loves to painting and dance flamenco. 

Photo credit - Miriam Castro Photography


Come and watch these girls rocking the runway presenting our new designs on the 7th and 8th of September in NYFW!  

March 07, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

More beautiful models were cast for New York Fashion Week! These girls will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019.

Raynah is a 10 year old model, singer, dancer and actress. She has filmed 3 short films, dances several styles of ballroom and loves to do YouTube tutorials. Raynah absolutely loves the runway and walked in NYFW 2018. When not strutting her stuff, Raynah enjoys playing with her twin sister and hanging out on the beach.

Photo credit - Teresa Koehler


Ava is 11 years old and from Minnesota. She enjoys painting, modeling and playing basketball. She loves everything having to do with fashion and has an extensive collection of clothes. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She is a positive role model to her peers and kind to everyone she meets.

Photo credit - Brett Martelli


Marissa is 13 years old and lives in Colorado. She is a competitive dancer and model. She has been dancing since she was 3 and loves all styles of dance.  In her free time she likes to hang out with friends and family, choreograph her own dances, and spend time with her pets, two dogs and a cat. She is a driven and determined girl and is passionate about being unique and accepting everyone for exactly who they are.

Photo credit - Danielle Trina Photography


Yamile grew up in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Mexico. She moved to the United States when she was 15. She speaks three languages: Spanish, English and French. Currently Yamile is Queen of Miss Petite Universe Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. She sighed with MC Art Modeling in Laredo, TX and New Icons in Monterrey MX. She has a Associate’s degree in Sciences and a Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing. Yamile loves to travel and experiences new things. 

Photo credit - Miriam Castro Photography


Karis Luckhurst is a talented teenager all the way from Perth, Western Australia. Her hobbies include modeling, cheerleading, pageants and dance. Karis loves traveling and experiencing new cultures and way of life. Her aspiration is to see the world doing what she loves (modeling!).

Photo credit - Alex Kruk 


Grace is 14 years old, and her home is in East Tennessee near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. She is the youngest of 6 children. She began modeling at age 3. She plans to pursue modeling as a full time career. Her goal is to be a role model to other young girls that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes . She loves to travel, and road trip every chance she gets . She is active in her youth group, learning to play guitar and ukulele. She loves music, movies, and makeup. 


Photo credit - Butterfly Kids Photography


Tallulah is 8 years old from New Jersey and loves to model and dance. She has been dancing for 6 years, 3 years competitively. She has walked in 3 runway shows for NYFW. Tallulah has an older brother named Tyler and 2 Siberian Huskies named Taylor & Tucker. She also loves spending time with her family, going to the beach and shopping. 

Photo credit - Dani Geddes Photography


Sierrah is a 10 year old. She is a model, singer, dancer and actress. Sierrah has filmed 3 short films, has been featured in several national campaigns and just shot her first TV commercial. She loves modeling and runway in particular. She walked in NYFW 2018. She has a twin sister who is a model as well.


Photo credit - Teresa Koehler

Brianna Sofia Grisales is 10 and has been an All Star Cheer since she was 4. She loves to model. Brianna has been a part of different photoshoots in different states, including recent shoot with GiantPixel in Atlanta. She loves reading and making friends. Brianna calls herself "a military bratt" since her dad is in the Army and she is so proud of him. 

 Photo credit - Looking glass


Aleksandra "Sasha" is 10 years old from Russia. She is a professional model and is signed with the Kindermania modeling agency. She has been published in many magazines and was in several commercials for kids’ clothing brands. Sasha modeled for "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week" and won Grand Prix in the "Baby Glamour Russia" beauty contest. Aleksandra plays tennis, loves to draw, plays piano and loves to make chocolate muffins with her mom. She studies robotic technologies VEX and WeDo 2.0 and participates in Russian Robotic fairs. Sasha competes in dance competitions and is currently a member of the "Todes" Novorosiisk dance group. When she grows up she wants to become a fashion designer.



Laura Isabella Grisales is 8 years old. She loves to model and dancing. Her favorite hobby is reading and coloring, and favorite food is pizza. She also loves ballet a lot. Laura wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She has passion to help animals.
Photo credit - Looking glass


Aubrey is originally from Oklahoma. She is a Freelance Model who’s love for being in front of the camera began at a young age in Competitive Dance. Her talents have grown to include competitive golf, multiple volunteer projects, and accelerating in academics. Aubrey accredits Instagram and her mother for helping develop and pursue her modeling career.

Photo credit - Emily Wilson Photography


Read the next post for more models introduction!



March 05, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

As promised, we are announcing more models of our beautiful cast for New York Fashion Week! Please meet the girls who will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019.


Sarah Spivey is an eighteen year old high school senior who loves helping others, learning new things, and showing her style on the runway. Sarah has walked in several shows before and will be debuting her New York Fashion Week strut this September. When she isn’t modeling or walking, Sarah loves to manage a nonprofit organization she founded called First Aid Strong whose mission is to package and distribute first aid supplies to prevent disease and promote healing in community members. She has been recognized as a National Merit Scholar Finalist and an Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction as well as a National Charity League National Board Councilwoman and a high school Varsity Cheer Co-Captain. She is also an Elite Model for the Texas Teen Models Official Magazine. 

Photo credit - Rosswood Photography


Mary is a 14 yr old talented teenager from Scottsville, NY. She is a high honor roll student at Wheatland Chili high school. She has been dancing for 11 years and has won many scholarships and national competitions to continue her education. Her favorite style is hip hop. Mary is a varsity cheerleader and is involved in many clubs in school. She loves animals and volunteering at local shelters, and nursing homes. Mary has also been competing in beauty pageants since she was 3 yrs old. One of Mary's best accomplishment in her acting career was when she was in "Law & Order: SVU" showMary began modeling at 12 and loves it. When Mary graduates she hopes to go to college and move to NY city one day become a actress and model.

Photo credit - P3 Photography


Karen Munoz, began modeling at age 14 at the Instituto Artistico de Nuevo Laredo, and is also an excellent student of nursing and performs social service in nursing. She is a person who loves what she does and knows that with effort and dedication you can go far. 

Photo credit - Beauty Moments Photography and Makeup Studio 


Alessandra is a confident 10 year old and loves to model. She has been in several runway shows and print. She attends fashion school where she enjoys learning to sew. She also loves to dance and is currently on a competitive dance team, which competed on World of Dance. When she grows up she would love to be a lawyer.

Photo credit - Olesja Mueller 


Rachel, is a funny & kind hearted 12 year old from Middleburg Pennsylvania. She has been dancing since age 3: ballet, jazz, competitive and currently is enrolled in a Lyrical & Contemporary dance class. Rachel also plays percussion in the school band. She enjoys hanging with her friends and English/writing is her favorite subject. She also enjoys spending time with her rescue dog Marcy Mae. She has been training to model for the past 3 years and is excited for this opportunity to walk in NYFW. Her Life Mantra is "Always Be Kind"
Photo credit - Julie Desiderio


Hawley is 10 years old from Massachusetts. She has been involved in various classes in Fashion, and Sewing since she was 7. Hawley enjoys photography, painting and drawing. She dreams of becoming a model and someday she aspires to have her very own clothing line.

Photo credit - Kara Campobasso 


Lola Nelms is 5 years old. She is from Chicago, she loves to model, takes the stage as a competitive dancer, and always stays humble. Being behind the camera on a runway, or a stage is her happily place, it ignites her passion and she has so much fun. She can’t wait to see what the future brings for her with her talents and aspirations. 

Photo credit - Ashley Fischer


Karmyn Alexis, age 6, is a spirited and bright young girl who aspires to be a police officer. In her spare time, Karmyn enjoys playing video games, horseback riding, and spending time with her different animals. She also enjoys dinosaurs, sharks, and fast cars! Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, and ice cream!

Photo credit - Debbie Porter 


Ella is 12 years old and lives in UK. She has had to opportunity to walk the runway in London, Paris and New York and loves meeting new friends from around the world. She is a keen dancer and singer and has been part of the Westend cast of ‘Shrek’ the musical. Ella is looking forward to returning to New York this September!


Tyl-Elle, 11, is from New England. She is a high honors student and enjoys figure skating, reading, and piano. Tyl-Elle is represented by MMG (NYC ) and Dynasty (Boston), and has modeled for print and runway, including a variety of fashion shows at the NYFW. Tyl-Elle enjoys participating in her local church and loves sharing time with her brother, aunt, and grandparents.

Photo credit - Astrid Ji 


Faith Bishop is a 14 year old from the Memphis, TN area. She was born in Memphis and has lived in Southaven all her life. She goes to a local private school where she is an honor
student. She does her best to make good grades so that she can go to college to
become a therapist. She wants to help make people’s lIves better. In her spare time, she enjoys modeling and doing pageants. She went to New York Fashion Week in February and will go again in September. Then, this summer will go to Miami for Miami Fashion Week. Faith is a teen contestant for Miss Fashion Global which will take place in November. She is currently assisting in raising money for St. Jude through Miss Fashion Global. She is also Miss Southern States Teen for America’s US Miss and will be competing at the national pageant in July.

Photo credit - Lynn Henley 


More models to be announced soon!

February 24, 2019

Models Representing MHC During New York Fashion Week in September, 2019.

We are proud to announce a part of our beautiful cast for New York Fashion Week! These models will represent Mila Hoffman Couture's new line of gowns for little girls and teens during NYFW in September, 2019.
Piper, 6, is from Arizona. She loves to sing, dance, and swim. She is a typical kid and loves pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Photo credit - Michelle Herrick Photography 

Aubrey is 9 years old and lives in West Texas. She is the oldest of four and has three younger brothers. She loves cheerleading, dancing, modeling and everything that is pink! She loves macaroni and cheese and karaoke! She is a very special young woman to everyone who meets her!

Photo credit - Maribella Portraits


Race is a 12 year old a model and actress from Texas. She is represented by The Linicomn Agency. She loves her family, friends and tumbling. She is active in her youth group at church and loves anything to do with art!  She is an aspiring fashion designer. 

Photo credit - Olesja Mueller 


McKayla is 14 years old. Her favorite color is turquoise and her favorite animals are horses. She’s has been dancing for six years and competitively for five. McKayla enjoys fashion, shopping, tumbling, drawling, traveling, photography, and cooking.

Photo credit - Ooh Snap Photography

Shelby is an 11 year old from the town of DeBerry, Texas. Her passion is modeling and the entertainment industry. She plays basketball for her school, loves animals of all kinds, but most of all she loves spending time with her family. They love to travel and see the world together. Her mom and dad have been married for 18 years and she has a 7 year old brother who she adores. She also firmly believes in the fight against bullying and is currently exploring other local charities in her area in hopes of finding one that fits with her values and beliefs so that she can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Photo credit - Chelsea Walston

Aubry she is 10 years old from Missouri, she loves sewing clothes for her dogs and brother and baking with her mom. Her favorite food is buffalo chicken pinwheels and her favorite animal is a dog. She has two dogs: a chihuahua named Batman and a husky named Tommo who she treats like her babies. She is a fun loving and caring little girl who loves the fashion industry! 

Photo credit - Michelle Kabrick

Queen Meeka is 8 and she is from Alaska. She loves volunteering and dancing. Her favorite animal is Unicorn and favorite color is sparkly. :) Meeka is all about fashion and she is a big Instagram influencer. 


Photo credit - Campos Design Photography

Amaree is 16 years old. She was born in Georgia, and currently lives in Wichita, Kansas. Her hobbies are watching Youtube, traveling, and participating in fashion shows. She loves all animals. When she graduates high school, she plans on joining the Air Force Reserves and going to college to become a veterinarian.

Photo credit - Lisa Brown

Madison is a talented teenager from a small town in Oklahoma. She has modeled for 2 years and has walked major rw unway shows including NYFW, LAFW and Fashion X Dallas. Her passion for dancing the last 13 years has molded her into a dedicated and undeniably talented competitor. She is a very goal orientated girl with big dreams and is dedicated to achieving them.

Photo credit - Makenzie Brown

Kaelyn, or KaeKae, is a ten year old all star cheerleader and Instagram brand influencer. She has cheered for six years and loves everything about it! In the last year KaeKae has begun to model for print and runway. She has walked in New York Fashion Week and in Miami Fashion Week. She loves the makeup and the hair, meeting new people, and modeling amazing clothes from amazing designers. KaeKae virtual schools and helps her community through her church. She loves art, board games, theme parks, and making slime! She enjoys playing with her friends, running Ninja Warrior type obstacle courses and cooking. There isn’t anything this girl doesn’t want to try, she lives life to the fullest! 

Photo credit - Giant Pixel Photography

Ariana is 16 years old and lives in Texas. She is in 11th grade at a Fine Arts High School where she is an honor roll student. She enjoys dancing, modeling, acting, singing, and volunteer work with children. Ariana began dancing at the age of 5. She is currently a company member at Texas Ballet Theater. She is an award winning dancer at Youth American Grand Prix, has received training from world renowned choreographers, and has been selected into the year round trainee program at Joffrey Ballet School. Ariana was a member of Casa Manana Performing Arts Conservatory for 4 years and enjoyed performing in musical theater productions and community outreach performances at retirement homes and festivals. Ariana aspires to attend Juilliard. She would like to pursue a career as a professional entertainer on Broadway, or as a member of a professional Contemporary dance company.  


Photo credit - Olesja Mueller

Rogan is a 14 year old dancer, actress and aspiring model from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her first experience modeling was at the age of 10 for a college physiology textbook, as a child dancer. Rogan can be seen most
recently in the television series, “Graves”, with Nick Nolte. Her other activities include snowboarding, being a basketball manager, and a student council representative. Rogan adores animals and is a vegetarian. She  is currently represented by the Presley Talent Agency in Albuqueruque.

Photo credit - Milton Lau Photography  

Stay tuned, more models to be announced soon!

August 05, 2017

Swarovski crystals. The more the better!

Ever since I was introduced to Swarovski crystals I was “hooked”. The variety of amazingly rich colors and shapes seems endless. They have this magical, deep shine that makes them seem like they're alive!

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